Multimedia enthusiast, I like learning any type of creative digital medium.

Currently a high-school student living in Victoria, Australia.

I have a growing YouTube channel where I upload music and animations.

You might know me from creating remixes and note block covers of popular video games.

My most popular remixes include songs from Undertale, Osu, FNAF, Deltarune, and Touhou.

I have helped develop the music-tracker program Note Block Studio, and the Minecraft structure generating tool called NBS2CBS.

I love Japanese food. My favourite meals include Okonomiyaki, Ramen, and Mochi desserts.

Thus, my YouTube channel has been heavily influenced with eastern culture. (What a weeb, am I right?)

I enjoy creating animations, which I use Adobe Flash/Animate and Toon Boom Harmony to complete.

A 3D Animator - By the time I graduate, I wish to be hired into a local animation or games studio and work my way up from there.

I aspire to become an animation manager or project director, with a full understanding of the intricacies in media development.

An alternative goal to this is working in a video game studio. I can provide assets such as music, art and models.